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The Addon Snap Utilities provides quick and easy ways to model with architectural precision. It's great for modeling houses, furnitures and equipments. This add-on implements four tools for editing objects. They are: 'LINE', 'MOVE', 'ROTATE' and 'EXTRUDE_AND_RESHAPE'. Each tool has a snap system for vertex, edge and face.

1. LINE:

The tool 'LINE' allows the creation of edges with specified length and direction. Just click with the LMB at a start point and to proceed specifying each new vertex of the line with the 'LMB' or the 'Enter' button. This tool resembles the Blender knife tool, but now you can snap to an edge's perpendicular or create lines with precise direction and lengths.

2. MOVE:

The difference between the tool 'MOVE' and Blender's 'Translate' is that you can now specify the base point and the end point. Just click in a point of the object and move toward a point on another object.


With the 'ROTATE' tool, you can specify the axis of rotation before rotating the object.


'EXTRUDE AND RESHAPE' is a tool that makes an extrusion that automatically intersecting faces. This gives freedom to push and pull volumes, once the topology of them is automatically set.


'X' = Constraint the cursor movement on the axis X

'Y' = Constraint the cursor movement on the axis Y

'Z' = Constraint the cursor movement on the axis Z

'Shift' = Constraint the cursor movement towards an edge

'Enter' = Confirms the numerical value written in the header for the line length or movement distance of an object

'LeftMouse' = starts the lines drawing for tool LINE, choose the movement's point of origin for tool MOVE and ROTATE

'RigthMouse' = 1 click stops the lines drawing, 2 clicks completes the tool's execution

'TAB' = Snap limited only Faces

'ESC' = cancel

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Blender Addon - Snap Utilities

3 ratings